Convict Being Moved Please Help With Tank Mates!

Hello forum,
I have a Convict, Green terror, and Blood Parrot in my 75 gallon (110 filtration) and I would like to move my convict to a 30 gallon long. I’m not even sure at this point if that is suitable for him but I hope it is because I cannot get a larger tank. I would like to move my convict because he is very shy. My green terror likes to chase (he finally stopped though) and my blood parrot laid eggs -.- so she will not let anyone cross her.
I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas for stocking either of what will be, my lonely tanks. Thank you.
If he's a smaller convict than the 30G should be fine. If he's got true convict genes though, and has grown about 6-7in long and maybe 4-5in tall, then the 30G is going to be a bit small but it'll work as a temporary separation tank. If he is bigger, than I wouldn't try to add tank mates to the 30L. If he's smaller, you could do other central/south american cichlids that don't get very large, examples include things like firemouth, salvinI cichlids, aequidens curvicepts, and rainbow cichlids.

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