Convict And Jack Dempsey Spawned?

  1. J

    Josh Summers Valued Member Member

    So recently I've been growing out a male normal jack Dempsey he's about 2inches for my 5inch female pink jack Dempsey and the little male has been growing in my convict pair tank. And I've noticed my female convict wanting to spawn but the male hasn't been interested. They just spawned a few weeks ago and something ate all the fry. Could be the male or female or the jack. But today I looked in the tank and saw eggs and the female convict which is 2 inches and the male jack were on top of them guarding them and the male convict couldn't care less. When he would come close to the eggs the jack would chase him off. Is it possible the male jack is trying to fertilize the convict eggs? If so is it even possible and will they live. And how common is this to happen? Would anyone have a picture of a full grown convict jack Dempsey hybrid? So I know what they could turn out to be if this is actually possible? I'm so confused. This is the females second time spawning ever. So I'm not sure she knows exactly what to do yet. Or who to do it with. Cause shes seemed really interested in the male jack alot. Showing off for him and dancing like she did with the male convict the first time. The jack is coloring and shimmering for her too. I didn't expect this to be possible?
  2. KaderTheAnt

    KaderTheAnt Well Known Member Member

    I believe it's possible for the two to mate and have hybrid offspring who will be infertile .

    I'm interested in how this will turn out. If you have hybrids I wouldn't recommend selling them. (A controversial subject)
  3. OP

    Josh Summers Valued Member Member

    So the offspring will be infertile so no chance of spawning again for them. And I was just gonna give some of them away if they turn out alright. Well if the male jack did fertilize the eggs. Then that means he can spawn with my 5inch pink jack. He's just alittle small I was worried about him getting beat up cause my pink jack is alot bigger. But if the jack and convict keep breeding then I'll keep both cons and the little jack together so maby she'll spawn with both off and on. I have alot of people and stores who want convicts and jack Dempsey. I'm just gonna give them away I enjoy watching them breed and be parents it's awesome. I can always feed them to my Oscar if I get overrun. Healthier then fish from a store with God knows what diseases