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My mom gave me her 30 gallon fish tank that she hasn't used for years she just kept it empty and running cold salt water. After her last fish died years ago she gave up on buying new fish to keep up with it and didn't want to deal with cleaning the algae so she added some bleach into her eheim filter to keep it looking clean and clear of algea so the tank just been sitting there running like that for years so I asked if I could take it since it's just sitting there so my question is are the Rocks in the tank cleanable and ok to reuse in a freshwater tank? And do you have any advice what I could use to clean the tank to make sure all salt residue is clean out and bleach residue? Don't worry I am throwing out the eheim filter and buying all new substrate, filter, heater just curious about the large rocks weather they can be reused?


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I wouldn't reuse the rocks at all. First the bleach but also the saltwater rocks will most definitely raise the pH and hardness of your tank which can cause pH swings which are harmful to the fish.

As for the tank itself a good rinse and scrub down should bring it back shiny and new. If it's glass you can even use a bit of table salt to help scrub any hardwater marks off just be sure to rinse well!
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