Converting A Saltwater Tank To Freshwater

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    angelfishguppie Valued Member Member

    Moved into a new house and have to get another tank (cross brace on the 46 bow broke).

    I have a deal on a 72 gal bowfront drilled with overflow, a sump tank and a protein skimmer.

    Stupid question number one: does the pump on the octopus protein skimmer just push water thru the skimmer or does it also pump water back up to the display tank?

    Stupid question number 2: what do I need to put into the sump in the way of dividers or baffles to make it function as a freshwater sump?

    Thanks in advance for insight and advice!
  2. Discus-Tang

    Discus-Tang Well Known Member Member

    I can answer question two:

    Bubbles float in saltwater and freshwater. A normal bubble wall design would work well, probably better than in saltwater as the salt makes things more buoyant.
  3. OP

    angelfishguppie Valued Member Member

    My assumption was that bubble traps were not as important in a freshwater set up, for the same reason that the protein skimmer won't really be helpful (bubbles form but not nearly as well).

    I have to admit, I was shocked to find there were no baffles whatsoever in the sump when I went to look at the tank.