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I have a 37 gallon freshwater aquarium with two tetra 40 gallon power filters, and dirt substrate. I was thinking about turning it into a salt water aquarium with seahorses. I was wondering
1. if I would need new filters and substrate
2. Is a salt water aquarium much more work than a freshwater aquarium.
3. Do you have to add more salt often.


1. Yes.
2. Yeeeeeeeeessssssss.
3. Yes, when you do water changes. You'd use an instrument called a hydrometer to determine how much salt you need to add. The hydrometer measures how much salt is in the water.

Also, seahorses are pretty tricky to keep. And expensive to buy.
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So I also have a 10 gallon fresh water tank could I turn it into a salt water nano tank. I like invertebrates, would a starfish work.


Seahorses are definitely tricky, but they do need a dedicated aquarium, so I'm sure you could do it if you study study study.

I'm not sure you would need new filters but you definitely want sand as your substrate. And once established, saltwater isn't that much more work. You use salt in your water changes, but when water evaporates, you top off with fresh.

Most starfish get pretty big, and while they don't need a lot of space, they can starve because there isn't enough detritus for them to consume. Not sure how easy it would be to purposefully feed one. Maybe someone else can help.


It will be easier to maintain a larger Saltwater tank than a Nano Saltwater aquarium. Sea horses are best kept in species only tanks. Don't know much about them though. I believe you can use the same filters, just get some new media and you're good. Saltwater does take a little more maintenance than a freshwater tank, and is expensive too.


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