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HI All,

Just an update on my tank. My main tank (10 gallon) is continuing to be treated daily with Ick Attack. One of three fish in there is displaying some serious signs of Ick and also what I believe is either a side effect of Ick or Fin Rot (his tail is beginning to fray). The other two fish, one male and one female molly show no signs of ick or fin rot.

Also, my female molly in the hospital tank seems to be doing much better. She is continuing to improve in terms of her mobility, she is continually swimming around her hospital tank, now. She has lost some weight and I am debating whether or not to give her a few more days in the hospital tank to bulk up or return her to the main tank now that she is swimming. All signs of fin rot and ick are gone for her. Any adivce on when I should return her to the main tank?

I continue to test with my API Master Test Kit (wow this thing is a lifesaver!) Readings today:

Ammonia: 4.0
NitrIte: .50
Nitrate: 5

I just came home from a four-day trip flying, and no water changes had been performed (my fish-sitter only knows how to feed and medicate!) so I had treated both tanks with Prime before leaving to "lock" the ammonia. Hopefully that helped reduce the stress for my fish. Today I performed a 33-40% water change (I removed about 1/3 of the water but was able to add back a little more due to evaporation while I was away). I will retest ammonia tomorrow. Does it seem that I am continuing to be in the midst of a somewhat healthy cycle (sick fish not included)? Hopefully this will end soon, I am coming up on week three, and my fish can begin to live happy and healthy lives!

Thanks for the continued advice and insight. I will keep the hospital tank running by adding food daily to keep the cycle in that tank going should I need it again in the future. Like I said, I'm not sure when to return my female molly to the main tank. I do know her companion female molly has been continually harassed by the male since she went into hospital.

Talk soon!



Now that the one molly is doing better I would put her back in the main tank and get the sick guy out and into you hospital tank that way you can stop treating healthy fish for something they don't have. =)

Also I would be checking those lvls at least once a day and if your ammonia lvls remain that high be doing more water changes to help keep your fish less stressed

Glad to hear your molly is doing better Best of luck with everything.
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Thanks for the advice, I had been doing daily water changes (sometimes twice daily!) last week to keep the ammonia between 1 and 2 (that's as good as I was able to consistently get!) ... but being gone for four days did allow it to rise. So I will certainly change the water again tomorrow should the reading be high. I will be able to do daily water changes until next Monday when I will be gone for four more days.

Also, I found a fairly large snail with a dark brown shell and a red spot on it in my tank today. I suppose this entered the tank when I added java moss some time ago (which has since been removed). I removed the snail from my tank, I don't know how to tell a good snail from a bad one, and I figured the last thing I needed was something with a large bio-load. I am hoping it is the only one that hitch-hiked in, any advice for what I should do if I find more?


Just keep an eye out for snails and remove them if you see any. hopefully he's all and no more will show up... if you see any little eggs, those could be snail eggs.. do you have a pic of the snail so someone who knows snails can tell you what kind it is?

As far as the recovering molly and the main tank goes. I'd leave her in a little longer to be safe and make sure she has no symptoms reoccur. When you're ready to put her back in and put the sick fish into the hospital tank, you could add some new carbon to the filter bag and do a partial water change to help clear the water out.

are those readings on the main tank? if so, i'd do daily partial water changes and keep up the treating with prime until that ammonia comes down.. maybe give the tank a good gravel cleaning too.

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