Constipation Remedies

  1. Jason Well Known Member Member

    Hello my female sword seems to be constipated. I know someone mentioned fedding mushy peas but I dont have any. Woul live foods help, or any other veggies?
  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Other veggies might help. It sure wouldn't hurt! ;)
  3. Jason Well Known Member Member

    Thankyou! ;D
  4. newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    my danios and (may they rest in peace :'( ) platies nibble on my mini pleco's daily algae wafer sometimes. will that be enough or do i need something esle?
  5. chickadee Fishlore VIP Member

    I was on the Betta group due to the constipation problem with my older Betta (Azul) and they suggested a weak solution of epsom salts in his water, but I don't know anything about your kind of fish so I hesitate about this. As far as the peas go, I do not mush them. I buy a package of frozen ones and put one or two in the microwave (no water) for 25-30 seconds (just to defrost) and peel the outside skin off and chop up into whatever size you think they can eat and mine both love them. They are more like fresh greens that way. I finally got Azul to quit attacking the plastic plants that way.

    Like I said I hope your fish is okay. I know how hard it is to deal with a fish that is constipated especially if you feel helpless about what to do for them.

    Let us know how things go.


  6. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Nibbling on the algae wafer is probably fine and will help keep them from getting constipated. With any fish, variety is always better though. Try different things every once in awhile. ;)
  7. Jason Well Known Member Member

    She is fine now, it was due to her pregnancy. see breeding section for details.
  8. newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    ok, i was thinking of trying some zucchini or broccoli to see what he likes. some questions though-do the veggies have to be organic? so pesticides dont get into the water? and should it be just sliced thin or does it have to be cut up further?
  9. junket Initiate Member

    I just wanted to thank Rose/chickadee for the toothpick suggestion for feeding a constipated Betta peas. I just got him to eat a few nibbles of a pea chunk off from a toothpick & I am hoping that he will get well soon. I'll keep y'all posted!
  10. chickadee Fishlore VIP Member

    You are very welcome, but I don't think I said anything about a toothpick. It is a good idea if it works, just be careful he doesn't pull it out of your hand :D . The peas do work though. I also cut down on the amount I feed for a couple of days.

    Thanks for the comment. I hope your little guy gets better. Be sure and let us know.


    Rose ;)
  11. junket Initiate Member

    Hello All,
    Ooops - the toothpick idea came from another source: - Lulu (my betta) is *much* better it's only taken a few hours and he is able to swim to the bottom of the tank again & is no longer listing. Peas rock!!! No more blood worms for him!
    Thanks for your help & support,
  12. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    Bettas are meat eaters, in the wild they eat mainly insects so they need the bloodworms. One or two at a time is good even though they try to convince you they need more ;). I feed mine veggie flakes once a day and something meat based once a day and he does great.
    I really thing gorging on the bloodworms is what causes problems.
  13. junket Initiate Member

    Yeah, I'd been feeding him *only* bloodworms. I bought some frozen brine shrimp yesterday at the suggestion of a fish vet & that's what I'll be feeding him once I take him off his fast. I was *very* surprised at how quickly the pea chunks that he nibbled cleaned him out. He's his old self again!
  14. RoboDude Member Member

    that's great . . . but one more problem . . . u shouldn't feed fish brine shrimp daily either!!! LOL
  15. junket Initiate Member

    Hey Robodude,
    I've been feeding him veggie flakes, now, with some brine shrimp from time to time. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing!
  16. newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    Exactly! :D