Constipated Betta - What to do?

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    Lindsey Stallings New Member Member


    So I went out of the country for my honeymoon and left my friend in charge of my fish and other pets at home. It seems he fed my betta too much and now he's extremely constipated, very swollen stomach - so much so that I originally thought it was dropsy.

    I quickly moved him into my 3 gallon tank which wasn't being used, and added some media from my 10 gallon tank. I was just trying to quarantine him to keep him away from food mostly.

    5 days later, he is no better. I tried fasting him for 3 days, then tried feeding him daphnia on day 4, and I tried part of a shelled pea today. He wouldn't eat either :(

    Now, the 3 gallon tank is cycling and the parameters are out of control. I thought the cycled tank;s media would be enough, but it only sped up the process. The 3 gallon's ammonia was at around 2, and the nitrites were at 2-5. I decided keeping him in these kind of levels wasn't going to help, so I moved him back to the 10 gallon.

    Long story to get to my question, what should I do now? The 10 gallon also houses 7 emerald eye rasboras. Would it be okay to continue to fast the betta and in turn fast the rasboras for a few days too? Should I just try feeding them all daphnia? I'm at a loss.

    Also, the 10 gallon tank's parameters aren't perfect. The ammonia and nitrites are 0, but because they were overfed, the nitrates are at around 40. What should I do to fix this? I've been changing some of the water every 2 days but that hasn't seemed to do much. Any ideas?

    Any help would be very appreciated.

  2. OP

    Lindsey Stallings New Member Member

    Oh, I also already tried an epsom salt bath. That didn't seem to do anything either.
  3. Platylover

    Platylover Fishlore VIP Member

    You can fast everybody, but I'd put him in a breeder box, that way only he fasts. I'd continue trying to fast for three days then feed a pea. I got a betta around a month(ish) ago, had a bad swim bladder problem, it took around a week. But now he's all better. I'd do daily water changes to lower the nitrates and continue for helping out your little guy. Could you post a photo? Also a side note, maybe squish the pea for him, it'll make it easier for him to eat it.:)
  4. OP

    Lindsey Stallings New Member Member

    Okay, I just ordered in a breeder box from Amazon. It'll be here Thursday. Until then, I'll just fast all of the fish in that tank. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Oh, here are a few (poor) pictures of my betta, Tofu.

  5. Pringlethesnail

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    Strange thing- nothing makes my bettas poop better than letting them see the mirror for about 5minutes. I don't know if yours is too backed up or not but worth a go