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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by vivelafish, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. vivelafishValued MemberMember

    I realize this is a pretty random question but I'll be moving to an apartment soon and I want to put a fish tank on a console table by the front door. Console tables can be pretty unreliable in terms of weight capacity though... so I'm wondering if by slim chance anyone has bought a console table recently for a fish tank and can lead me in the right direction? I keep looking on Target and Ikea but a lot of the tables don't state how much weight they can hold.

    I just want to set up a nano tank (5G) for my shrimp and with water, tank, and substrate consideration, it's going to be around 60lbs. I really would prefer a console table and not an aquarium stand. So if anyone has any links, please let me know!
  2. chrt396Well Known MemberMember

    As long as it's not press should be OK. The press board will suck up water and start raising the picture surface. I have two 5 gallon tanks with all the fixings on a sideboard in the dining area. It's a better quality piece of furniture..but you can get quite a bit at a quality Furniture store in their scratch and dent outlets. I have a 10 gallon quarantine tank on a small cheapo entertainment cart....and even though it supports the looks nasty because of the water that has dribbled over the edge that I didn't wipe up quickly.

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