Considering golden white cloud minnows for my 16 gallon


I'm looking to restock my 16 gallon. Sadly, most of my killifish (aphyosemion australe), which are short-lived, have passed. I have just a few killies left and also have pygmy corys in there.

Can I put golden white clouds in this tank? If so, how many and what type of environment do they prefer, as far as planted, not planted, hiding spots, etc.



Taking care of white clouds is pretty much the same as taking care of zebra danios. They like plants, but need plenty of swimming space. They also like to having hiding places and need to be kept in schools of 6+. They should do fine with the corys.


The minnows would fir nicely into your tank. They are schooling fish and are very active at the water surface. Mine love to nibble at, and to hide in, floating plants. Care is fairly basis as they are fairly hardy fish.

If you don't mind the constant activity, I think you would like them.


Thanks for sharing.

They sound like similar behavior to the killies.

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