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So I am considering setting up a 30L tank with the sole purpose of breeding shrimp. At the moment I am just entertaining the idea, and trying to get a better understanding of what it would entail - as funding at the moment is a bit restrictive, but more than that - space (especially since a cat lives in the house, so I must figure a safe spot for a small tank, which can easily be pushed down, as cats like to do with ...well..everything).

So here's the idea: 30L cube, non planted - only Christmas Moss (perhaps a moss wall) and a piece of wood to provide plenty of hide space.

Species: Red Wine Crystal Bee Shrimp (I find them absolutely marvelous)
Blue Neocaridina

I'm thinking since they don't interbreed, I could produce 2 species in the same tank. Is there another beautiful Caridina that would not interbreed with the Red Wines?

The project has a a couple of purposes:
1) having a shrimp only tank with those beauties, so that I can properly enjoy them (I have 10 Red Wine and 10 Crystal Red in my main tank .....rarely see one of them. I have (or maybe not anymore?) 10 blue tigers - haven't seen one in months). In a shrimp only tank I'm thinking I could actually see them.
2) Selling them to fund the hobby and the future upgrades (bigger tank, better equipment).

As such - the selling part plays a huge role so I'm trying to figure out how I could maximize their breeding. I know neos are easier to care for (My main tank is already full of Neo mischlings, not to mention the tens I probably vacuum with every WC), but the market is already flooded with neos. On the other hand, I have not yet seen Red Wine's for sale (well except for official shops). And what the heck , if I can't manage to sell any, at least I'm left with my favorite shrimp variation in great numbers.

So, here come the questions:
1) What are the water parameters you had the highest success with for these particular 2 species (accent on Red Wine Bees)
2) My water is quite hard - somewhere at GH - 14, and the pH (at least in the main tank) is somewhere at 7.8. From what I know, these shrimp do preffer acidic water - how do I ensure that?
3) How often and how much do they breed? If I start with a batch of 10, what numbers could I expect in 4 months?
4) Since this would be a shrimp only tank - how should the waterchanges be performed (how much% and at what intervals)
5) Would and internal filter suffice for this purpose? And if yes, if I use some established media for an instant cycle - how soon would it be safe to add the shrimp?


The recommendation is generally to use remineralized RO for more sensitive shrimp like you want to do. Then you can be very in control of your parameters. RO systems aren't exactly cheap though. Water changes should be small since shrimp are very sensitive. So no more than 10-20% per week, but it would depend on how quickly nitrates rise. Ideally you'd want nitrates at no more than 5-10 ppm, but under 5 is better.

A sponge filter would be your best bet, but you can do whatever you want as long as you make it shrimp safe. So a HOB would need a pre-filter on the intake. I don't know what an internal filter might need for protection though.

Hopefully someone else can chime in to answer the rest of your questions, but this is what I've gathered in my own research so far in preparation for a shrimp tank of my own.


Funny thing, I happen to be doing the same thing in my 20 gallon long I just got, i'm planning on breeding fantasy blue shrimp along with moss so I can make money off of that to. Definitley want to get a sponge filter, they are pretty cheap on amazon. Good luck maybe we could update eachother on our projects lol.


Hey, good luck with it! For me it might take a while before I can start on it, for now I just want to make sure I know what I'll be doing .

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