Congo Puffer Tips And Behavior Help? Question

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  1. Pat93Valued MemberMember

    I finally didn’t impulse buy a fish and I’m proud to present Bongo the Congo puffer

    They had the poor fellow in a gravel tank at the local fish store for quite some time. I really liked him and his price tag prompted me to do some real research
    Got him set up in a cycled 30 gal with sand substrate and he burrowed right into the sand as soon as I got him in his new home.

    My question is this, can I get some pro puffer keeper tips? Even if you don’t have a Congo any general care tips would be great.

    Also the pets store had him in a little 5 gallon and they said they had him awhile, while that is a vague amount of time, he/she seems small could they be stunted?

    He seems to be doing great and I have no reason to be alarmed but I’m not super familiar with the “natural” behavior of a puffer fish so
    If you have info specific to this breed of puffer, puffers in general, or just some tips on transitioning him from the pet store I did enough research to know I needed to ask the clerk to not let the puffer be exposed to the air during transition and stay in the water the whole time but just for example things like
    how long before I should feed him?
    the best things to feed him?
    things to watch for like sickness or signs of stress?
    that would be outstanding. image.jpg I tried to ask the local store owner but he just tells me “he’ll eat anything” I know they need shelled food to help with their teeth so I did not find his answer satisfactory. I like to keep my fish happy and since they can’t be in the wild, it is important to me that my tanks are the next best thing for them. Thanks all.

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  2. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    I looked at one of these before eventually buying the Amazon puffer, so I only know what I read wich you may already know that they eat fish and shrimp, you should be able to get feeder shrimp from your lfs, like mine they eat bloodworm so I cut a frozen block into 4 and feed a 1/4, mine will also eat small earthworm,
    I also found this that may help, one thing I didn't know they can change colour, sorry it not s lot but a start
  3. Pat93Valued MemberMember

    No that’s super helpful. I have read those things as well but it’s good to get confirmation. And advice from some one who owns a puffer (even though it is a different one)
    It’s good to know I can try some frozen foods and won’t have to give live food. Every single day (which I was totally prepared to do)

    Me and this puffer were “pals” for months before I picked him up. And he was a much different color (almost had a pattern like spots or something) at the store but he has shifted to a more flat solid color now. It’s oretty neat but that did alarm me at first until I discovered they change colors lol

    Any notes on how deep the sand should be? I’ve seen it said just 2 inches or so is fine, but I have also heard that they need the substrate to be as deep as they are long.
    Since the local fish store had him in gravel I wanna get it right for the fella
  4. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    Not sure on the sand depth but you could always add some to one end like a slope he'll find his spot, I cut sand eels into small bits which they like, you can get some feeder shrimp or ghost shrimp cheap enough and put them in and substitute with some frozen bloodworm

    With the Amazon puffer you have to cut their teeth once or twice a year if they don't grind them down on snails, I don't think it's the case with yours though or I think I would have picked up on it
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  5. Pat93Valued MemberMember

    Yes I have read that they are mostly pescivores and I’ll keep an eye on his teeth but I can’t even see them yet so I assume that’s a good sign they aren’t too long.
    He seems awful tiny in a 30 maybe even at his full size of six inches. I was thinking of maybe switching him to a twenty long at some point as it’s the same footprint.
    I put in four guppies yesterday after I let him explore the tank for awhile and now this morning there are 2 guppies in the corner that look absolutely horrified.

    A little later one swam past him and got eaten and it was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. So he’s eating just fine:) all is well so far. Puffers are hard to research so thanks again for your answers!
  6. richie.pWell Known MemberMember

    I'd love to see him hunting, he's got quite a appetite by the sounds, i think more realistically he'll reach 4" but you never know, I think his good bill will be somewhat high
  7. Pat93Valued MemberMember

    That’s fine as I am currently breeding shrimp and snails
    If I catch him on video eating the next few days I’ll be sure to share it back here if I can:)