confusion has kicked in!!!!!!!!


hI guys and gals, I have lost the plot (few would argue!!!) well I went to both of my awesome lfs. and I say this with my limited knowledge of fish keeping. One said to do a partial water change and one said to wait 2 weeks. I have NO FISH in my tank and my readings are as follows

ammonia 1.0 (its the highest its been and never got any higher)... started at 0.25
pH 7.4 stable always has been
nitrites 0 (yay!!!) started at 0.25
nitrAtes 5.0 just a slight colour change (possibly 7.5 though as the colour is a mix of 5.0 and 10)
so what's the go? we are in our typical australian summer 30 deg C on average every day and my waters temp flucuates between 27-30 deg C depending on the heat outside. I have yet to see the heaters turn on they have been in there since 11 jan and are set at 26 deg. (I have two thermometers digital and standard) everything else has been put in on the same day (water deco's gravel filters air pumps). the water was slightly cloudy since this time but has become crystal clear just a couple of days ago! the ammonia has gotten no higher than 1.0. I have happy bacteria purchased from local fish store by the way of "matrix stones" (australian product) that are in both my 1200litre filters

so after confusing you people, as well as myself, here are the questions: and I know every tank is different!... but
water change or not?
should my ammonia go through the roof 4.0+ ?
it has been exactly 3 weeks today what result should I be expecting?
if I have missed any thing let me know!!!

kind regards Dazzler
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o.k. so now what ammonia is down to .25 do I change water now nitrites are at a steady zero nitrAtes are between 5 and 10 water change now or wait to ammonia hits zero.

please help I want fish now !!!! what do I do?????

regRDS Dazzler


Sorry but you should wait until the ammonia is 0 and nitrites 0 and the nitrates can be controlled through water changes to keep them below 20. I know the need and wish to have fish is great, but to do the best for them, those are the conditions necessary. If you add fish before the cycle is ready, you risk throwing everything awry and starting the cycle over again. (EEEKKK!) This is the time to take your time if there ever was one. Please keep us posted. Take care.

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thanks chickadee, I guess for everything that goes up it must come down. and my ammonia is on the way down so signs are looking good. I was just confused because I was expecting my ammonia test to be of a darker green than it ever was. it just never got above 1.0 but a decline is always good. well its off to the lfs to see what fish we have here in australia. I was told that the people in america are spoiled for choice. you guys have all the luck!!

I must get a camera to show off my tank b/c who doesn't like photos these days. I certainly do!!

thanks again rose
regards Dazzler

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