Confusing Water Test Results


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I have a juvenile platty who was looking stressed so I did a water test and I'm confused. Everything looks pretty good but total alkalinity matches 40 (low) while ph looks like a perfect match for 7.2....this confuses me, how can I have that ph and low total alkalinity? Should I take corrective steps? The tank isn't cycled yet, I did a 20% water change yesterday with prime and today is my last dose of Stability for the 7 day course.
Everyone else in the 29 gal. tank looks happy (bubble molly, lyretail mollies and bigger platty, 7 total fish)

Do I doanything?


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What should concern you the most are ammonia, nitrites and nitrates values. What are those and what test are you using for your water parameters ?

Also, for a fish-in cycle, 20% change isn’t enough. You need to do 50%, and do it at least every 3 days, and every time your ammonia or nitrites are over 0. Every day if you have to, until your tank is cycled. Then once a week, 50% WC is good.

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