1. k

    kelsiee New Member Member

    I've been able to see little eyes in the gravid spot of my female panda platy for a week or maybe a little more. Last night I found one fry and was able to scoop it in a net and left it at the surface when I ran out to get a breeding trap. When I came back it was gone but the net was as I left it, the holes were tiny but it must've gotten out. That was the only fry I found, I watched the female panda for the next couple hours but she didn't drop any more fry and now that its the next day I still see the eyes in her gravid spot. Shes the only pregnant female so Im wondering why there was only fry and when will she drop the rest, the whole thing is odd to me.
  2. Claire Bear

    Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Sometimes they will only drop a few at a time. They will also munch on them, it is the nature of live bearers and a fact of nature.
    Hopefully since she has more coming, you will be able to catch them.
    Welcome and good luck!
  3. OP

    kelsiee New Member Member

    I didn't know they sometimes drop a few at a time, thankyou very much!