confused on led vs t5ho

  1. skar Well Known Member Member

    Soooo.... I'm upgrading My lighting. I just don't understand the led and how to determine if what I'm looking at adds up. I think I'm just going to go with dual t5 because at least I know what I'm getting.
  2. skar Well Known Member Member

    Soooo from what I've found....lumens are a measurement of emitted light and mean virtually nothing. And cheap China made stuff is not reliable as for pur ratings as their circuitry is just cheaply wired together and their emitters cannot maintain proper voltage.
  3. Axelrodi202 Member Member

    Both grow plants fine if intense enough. I prefer LED cause of the much longer bulb life. T5s really do decline in intensity within half a year to a year.
  4. skar Well Known Member Member

    Whatever the case... The t5 I got makes the tank look awesome. I'm excited that this should give the look I'm for. The only complaint is that it is gawdy on the top. Shrug
  5. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    Another difference between t5 and LED is that the t5 tends to put out a bit more heat, but that may not matter depending on the size of one's tank.

    I agree that you know what you're getting with the t5. It took me a lot longer to find LEDs that would guarantee moderate plant growth and had an acceptable PAR rating. LEDs are not inexpensive either...
  6. Axelrodi202 Member Member

    IME LED light gives a very nice shimmer effect
  7. skar Well Known Member Member

    The heat isn't bad. It's a little warm but hasn't made a difference in water temp. I really wanted a led but finding a led for under 300 $ that will put out what you need seems impossible :/
  8. Phishphin Well Known Member Member

    Glad they are working for you!

    The Finnex Ray 2 offers a nice PAR in the right K rating for under $200 depending on the length of your tank. Still not cheap though.
  9. skar Well Known Member Member

    Damp it !! I did find a finnex for planted tank for less than a hundo. Oh well, too late now :/
    I have a lot of light going to my plants it's hard to say that it's making much difference in the health of the tank however ??