10 Gallon Tank Confused if my tank is cycled or not


It's been exactly 1 month and 10 days since I began the cycling process of my 10 g tank. I'm confused if my tank hasn't began cycling or if my API test strips cant read the nitrites and nitrates accurately as everything has stayed at zero. I put bacteria in my water the same day I set up my tank. I started dosing the water with 2 ppm of ammonia recently and the ammonia seems to go to 0ppm in around 24 hours. Is there beneficial bacteria in my tank, or are the plants getting rid of the ammonia (my tank has 3 anubias, 4 java fern, some pearlweed here and there and 1 amazon sword)?
I forgot to mention, I'm doing a fishless cycle

Madeline Peterson

If you only recently started dosing with ammonia, all the bb you added when setting up your tank are dead, if they were viable to start with. Not all those bottles of bacteria are. What are you using to measure the ammonia?

The cycling of the tank only starts when you add ammonia or fish food. It does not happen at all unless the bb have something to eat. And, if your nitrates are not going up, your tank is definitely not cycled.


Can you clarify? Have you been adding ammonia from the start? If you haven't your cycle didn't start until you did. If you have been and you have just raised the amount you are adding then I have to wonder if your tests strips aren't giving you an accurate reading for nitrites/nitrates.

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