Conflicting Advice Is Killing My Fish!

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With the test kits, I find that I shake mine for a good 20-30 seconds for a really good mix, and then wait 5 minutes before reading them. It can take a little while for the chemicals to react.

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The COB is correct there.

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So one thing we need is a check box for negative feedback and useless help on this forum because you have received ALOT of that.

Rather than throwing shade at other members perhaps a reply that might be more useful to the OP and others who may have issues would be helpful.
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Listen to me. All zeroes in a new or tank that is starting to cycle means you are not cycled. Bacteria to neutralize nitrates take time and it is not easy to get to the point of an aquarium cycled with no nitrates. Very heavily planted is one possible way. But to tell anyone that there tank is newly cycled with all zeroes is totally incorrect. As I told you watch who you listen to. Most fish keepers who have been in the hobby for the longest time never achieve a cycled no nitrates tank.
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I’m a new tank owner and I’m very frustrated!

I have a 10 gallon and a 3 gallon fresh water tank. The 10 gallon has a fungal infection. The 3 gallon has fish rot (possibly? Maybe?) and probably fungus as well.

The 10 gallon
Had 6 rasboras, down to 3. (Bought nov 24th)
Two were killed by a male Betta who was removed last Thursday (nov29)to the 3 gallon shame-tank.

Please clarify!! The 29th was the first partial water change to see if I could get the hang of the vacuum now that there were fish in the tank, but I was scolded by the fish shop (not petsmart!) for doing a 10% change in a tank that had been running for 3 weeks and housing fish for 1, when the tank instructions themselves had said two 10% changes per week or one 25% once a week. I will do as many or as few changes as required to have a happy, healthy aquarium! He said I should have waited 4 weeks with fish before doing any changes, and this sounds wrong!

Fungal problem:

A third rasbora died last night and had a mis-diagnosed case of fungus, which I mistook for a lame fin post-Betta bite on the 28th. He fell behind the growth of the other 3 healthier fish and died last night (dec4)

The three remaining fish each have small signs of white cotton on their pectoral fins, and I am on my third day (dec 2-5) of Pimafix that I don’t believe is doing anything.

They are not eating, and aren’t swimming in their favourite spot (a ways down from the filter where the current gives them a push).

I removed the charcoal pad from the filter when I started the Pimafix on dec 2nd. I have not changed the water because I was already told off for it, but browsing this forum listed DAILY water changes as the first line of defence when things go wrong.

I’ve been told to add salt, but don’t add salt.
Use pimafix, but pimafix is garbage.
Don’t change the water but make sure you change the water.

Water has been tested every 2-4 days since the fish went in, will post the last test results when I get home. (0 chlorine, 0 ammonia, 20 ph, I believe?
Lol till I cry.
Welcome to the world of keeping fish.
Ideally, do EVERYTHING I say
Seriously though, there are many ways to go about things but ultimately, it always comes back to the basics.
Watch your water parameters LIKE A HAWK!!!! (PH, Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates) and WATER CHANGES will save the day!!!
You can't do anything with fish with unbalanced water. They will just keep getting sick.
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I apologize if I came across as mean or what ever it is called. Here is the thing. Read up on the nitrogen cycle and understand it. Dont know it, understand it. When it comes to pH DO NOT mess with it. Dont even thing about it or let it worry you. I have seen so many people here give "advice" on chemistry and pH control that is absolutely 100% wrong that I have been considering leaving the whole forum. PH you can not control, you can regulate it but you can not control it. Monitor your nitrogen cycle and read a lot if you are not from a chemistry background. If you are then we will talk more in depth. Theres a lot of "advice" about chemistry and carbon use here and from stores that is just absolutely 100% wrong. There are a few of us that are actual chemists that can and will help you. But there are a lot more that think they know because that's what they know and what they think has worked for them.
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NavyChief20 Nice sorry, not sorry post.

I didn't say you were mean. We can talk about this further in pm so we don't completely derail the thread but it's much more helpful to counter what you feel or know is bad advice by what you feel or know to be the correct advice. That way moving forward on a topic, others can learn from a particular member's knowledge base.
Or they can take conflicting advice, do research and decide for themselves what the best course of action.
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Nonsense, fish don't get fungal infections. You can use that advice and erase this common crazy misconseption from your line of thinking permanately.

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