Condy Nem With Clowns?



I've got yet another question for my macro tank... guess it's better to ask than to find out the bad answer later, right?

Would there be any problem keeping a Condy nem in with a pair of clowns in a 20 long? I'm not trying to get them to host, I'm just trying to see if my ValentinI puffer would nip at the anemone. So far, he's proven to be a very reef-safe specimen - ignoring large snails, hermit crabs, and soft corals. I'd just rather not throw in a nice bubble tip only to have it damaged by the puffer. Not that a Condy is worth any less, as it's still an animal, but they're easier to get a hold of and a bit cheaper, in case something does go wrong. I'd remove it at the first signs of trouble, of course.

If my puffer did end up being nem-safe, would there be a problem keeping the Condy in there? Or would I have to remove it before I could have a BTA or add any macros/softies to the rockwork?

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I would recommend against it, I once saw a picture of a condo that ate a clownfish; this may have just been a freak accident, but still I would do some research or just try something else
As for anemone compatibility you might be interested in this chart:
Anemone Compatibility Spreadsheet!

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