What's a good conditioner to use iv been using this one as seen in pic
Is there a better one?


I've never used it. People here like Prime, others use API stress coat and so forth. Just depends on how much you want to spend.

Mick Frost

The 3 issues I have are
1) You bought it from a dog food company (Bosleys brand)
2) It claims to remove heavy metals. All by itself. Must be some long legs and strong arms on whatever organisms are in that bottle.
3) Replace slime coat? Salt? Irritants? Slime scraped off another fish?
Other than that, it probably works just fine. It's probably rebottled Prime or TSS+. Maybe someone here has used it, but probably not in a situation that would prove results.
Personally I use Nutrafin ChlorXChange, but that's mainly to save shipping costs.


I will only trust Seachem products for things like medicine, conditioner... So I use Prime.


Never used this one but it’s probably fine. I use prime usually.

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