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So, about 24 hours ago at the time of this thread's creation, I bought 3 new kuhlI loaches for my band of 5 in my tank just because they were on sale, and I noticed that one of them is holding eggs. But with the eggs, she has a very concerning chest mark...

She's the only kuhlI out of the 8 I now have that has this mark. Is this a parasite? The kuhlI is doing fine and feeding as if nothing's wrong, showing no signs of illness. She was like this when I introduced her, and I know it's a she because she is holding eggs:

If the water parameters matter on a creature that was already like this from the store:
pH: 7.6
Temp: 75.6 degrees Fahrenheit
Ammonia: 0 ppm
Nitrites: 0 ppm
Nitrates: <5 ppm

I would like an answer to this as soon as possible, I will take her out if it's a bacterial infection

She acts like your normal, healthy kuhli, I'd like to make that clear, she's already accepting bloodworms and algae wafers.


That looks pretty normal to me. I've seen countless Kuhlis with that redness and a few of mine have it too. I don't know if it's their organs or not. My P. Cuneovirgata all have that.

Edit: mine are on sand as well, i've had them almost 5 months


Cool pictures!

Sorry, don't know what the dark mark is but I have 12 kuhlis and none of them has any red marks on them like that that I have ever seen. But mine are on sand.
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That is coarse sand, if anyone thinks that's the reason. Although the 7 others don't have any marks like that and 4 of them have been here for over a year.


Interesting. I should have noted that the photos are larger than life size - duh!

Just to edit my previous response - I had a really, really good look at my kuhlis, or some of them, and a few did have that dark mark. Not all, but a few. I wonder if it's part of their digestive system? Not sure and I feed wafers and sinking pellets that are not dyed or have any colour so don't know if that's it.

Wouldn't baby kuhlis be fun?

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