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Discussion in 'Our Other Pets' started by Bry, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. Bry

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    I just talked to a mom and son. Who were trying to sell me two turtles. I asked what kind? Mom said "Aquatic."
    .... duh. It wasn't until I listed a few kinds I knew before she kinda confidently said one was a red eared slider and the other was a yellow belly. Currently in a 20 gallon tall aquarium.
    That threw me a red flag, don't they need bigger? I asked their size and the son said "about this big" and gestured about 6-7 inches. And the yellow belly had a deformed shell.
    Realistically how big of a tank would those two need? If that's even what they are? I'm so concerned but I don't think I could help. Don't they need big tanks?
    Also they wanted to sell them to me "set up and all" for $20.
    Edit: The mom was trying to sell me on that they are super slow growers.
  2. AquaticJ

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    That’s just sad to hear. They need at LEAST 90 gallons if they’re males and 125 gallons if females. Though even a 75 would drastically improve their life at this point. They’re not slow growers, they probably didn’t have UVB lighting, which is absolutely crucial. If anything you could save them and rehome them.
  3. OP

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    Yea when her son chimed in one had a deformed shell, my first thought was because he probably can't grow anymore. I was close to busing a kiddie pool and having them in my backyard or something.
    They were shocked when I said my biggest tank was a 55 and that still wouldn't be big enough.
    Another example of people buying something with no concept of what it needs.
    She wasn't buying greens or calcium powder either. Just pellet turtle food, which I'm fairly certain doesn't quite do it.
    Mind you, I have never IN MY LIFE owned a turtle and I know more than she did.
  4. wodesorel

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    I would suggest looking into reptile rescues in your area if a big tank is not a possibility. Maybe you could take a small collection to raise the $20 (or more for the rescue!) and see if you can get them to someone who will care for them properly?

    I have rescued four turtles this way, kept three and turned one over to a rescue because it's care was no something we could provide. It got them out of a bad situation and on the road to recovery. I love my turtley-dudes.

    It's pretty amazing what turtles can endure and still survive. And it is wonderful to watch them recovery!
  5. OP

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    The $20 is not a problem. I almost said sold just to get them away from her and her son. But I didn't want to get into something way over my head. If I see her, I'll see if she is still looking to sell.
    I do like turtles and looked into maybe getting one for my 55 before I got goldfish.
    Bettas are the same. My Crowntail I got in yellow water from walmart, and he's blossomed in his five gallon aquarium.
  6. BReefer97

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    The issue here is the red ear slider. You’re located in Florida, and they’re illegal in Florida because they’re extremely invasive.

    I do however find it comical that they’re keeping it with a yellow-belly because the red ears are competing with Florida native yellow-bellies for food and land. They’re probably wild caught turtles.

    If I were you I would pass. You could get fined for having the red ear slider and I’m not sure how the sellers would react if you just wanted to take the yellow-belly.... but like I also mentioned, they’re probably wild caught in Florida, which is illegal. As is purchasing wild caught turtles.
  7. OP

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    I doubt it's a red ear slider then. But there is a vendor at the local flea market that always sells little baby turtles, so I'm almost positive that's where she got them. But I've never looked at them close enough to even be able to identify what they are.
  8. BReefer97

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    I wouldn’t doubt it honestly, they’re all over Florida. It would be pretty hard to mistake a red ear for anything other than a red ear haha imo. And yeah, there’s vendors all over the place that sell them illegally, you’ll find them on the side of the road sometimes selling baby turtles that are only an inch big. Can’t sell turtles unless their shell size is 4 inches. But it’s quick cash because a lot of parents buy them for their children, keep them in a kritter keeper, and have no idea why they pass away in a month.