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Discussion in 'Molly' started by red020804, Apr 7, 2010.

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    i have 3 female mollies. I believe that at least one is pregnant and today i noticed that she and one other female have been laying at the bottom of the tank today. the for sure pregnant one will still shoot to the top of the tank to eat but the other (dalmation) molly hasnt. i tested the water and everything was fine.
    nitrates: 10
    nitrites: 0

    as far as ammonia i have no idea we ran out of strips and no money currently to buy anymore. my question is does anyone know why they are resting on the bottom of the tank? as im typing this i turned off the light and the dalmation molly has returned to the top of the tank and the pregnant girl is swimming up and down. also we changed the water two days ago and it cloudy again (greenish). does this have something to do with their behavior? the other fish seem to be fine. swimming around as usually. the other fish are a male black molly, 2 male black phantom tetras, and 4 male guppies. also we have the other female molly i mentioned above but she is always weird. she is smaller than the one we think is pregnant but she has these black spots on her side that showing from the inside they are not outside her body. we have no idea what that means. her and the pregnant one are Cremecicle Lyretail Mollies. if anyone know what those black spots mean on her plz let me know.
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    Aw, sorry your fish are not being themselves.

    Strips are not the best to use as they don't give you accurate readings. The API (liquid) Master Test kit is the most reliable. Usually the sign of fish not being active is poor water quality. Do you have an airstone in the tank for oxygen and extra circulation? If ever in doubt do a water change that is the best thing.

    Green water is an algae bloom. Not harmful but unpleasent to look at. lol Usually from nutrients and light entering the aquarium or possibly overfeeding, overstocked, not enough water changes. Could be a little bit of everything. Direct sunlight can also be the problem. Turning the light off for a little while and doing some water changes should help. What food are you feeding them and how much?
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    yes we have two different decorations that give off bubbles. so i dont think oxygen is the problem. we feed them flakes in the morning and blood worms at night but for the past few days have only been feeding once a day. also i have been giving a little at a time to make sure they are eating all of the food so there isnt all this extra food in the tank causing problems. we have been doing water changes every other day. i know the water test kit is better but like i said we dont even have money at the moment to buy strips and they are way cheaper. my husband is expecting a check soon so we'll get one of the water test kits then. our tank is also out of direct sunlight but we have been trying to not leave the lights on for to long but sometimes we forget. we always turn them off when we go to bed but when also turn them on when we get up so thats more than 12 hours a day.