Completely Cracked This Time.

Discussion in 'Cleaning and Maintenance' started by hasknight, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. hasknightValued MemberMember

    So i posted a few days ago about how the aquarium i got had its silicone torn and leaked. Now after two weeks of drying it, reapplying the silicone and adding the bracing, I filled it with water yesterday. It was fine for a few hours i kept checking on it for any loose silicone or leakage but all went well. As soon as i went to sleep it started leaking. So now the glass base (8mm) is cracked. Im really done with this aquairum and nearly having a hard time with the hobby and so close to giving up. This is the 3rd time its leaked in a month. I got it leveled this time. It also had foam between the aquarium and the table. Im not sure what else to do. If any of you can help that would be nice even if its just motivational stuff. Because having to carry 130 gallons of water bucket by bucket at 4 am is not fun. Aside from dealing with what the family says.
  2. California L33Well Known MemberMember

    Just about everything in this hobby can be frustrating. It sounds like you've got a rimless tank that you're either re-doing or building from scratch. About the only reason they crack is if there's uneven pressure on them. Even with foam underneath you've probably got a pressure point underneath it somewhere- foam or no foam I don't think I'd put a rimless tank on anything that wasn't absolutely level and seamless. (The other possibility is that something you put in your tank is putting a lot of weight on one specific point.) I'd suggest either getting a rimmed tank, or a new base. You would also benefit from a Python water change system if you'll be moving a lot of water for a big tank. If you've got hoses lying around that have never been used to carry fertilizer you can just get a waterbed fill/drain system for under ten bucks.
  3. hasknightValued MemberMember

    The stand was made for the tank itself but the flooring isnt level. I tried to level it by adding pieces of thick carpet under the legs (4). Used carpet as it compresses under water and i only needed about a few mm of change. I leveled it completely. And yeah its a rimless tank i got 2nd hand with the front glass broken. I replaces the front but the base is broke now. couldnt find the gravel vacuum or hose while in the hurry of not ruining the whole furniture. Its simple foam. Would styrofoam pieces be better considering my 30 gallon tank has them and ive never had problems.
  4. California L33Well Known MemberMember

    I think the problem might have been leveling the stand with carpet. The furniture can still bend with the carpet underneath- carpet is easy to compress. You should be able to get shims at a hardware store.

    As for the correct foam for a rimless tank I just don't know. I'd post a new thread with something like, 'Correct Rimless Tank Foam' as the header. I'm sure we have experts who know the pros and cons of just about everything.
  5. FashoogaFishlore VIPMember

    The adding of shims is a good idea and also if you don't have a level that will help out with the leveling to make sure everything is alright.

    You might need to consider buying a new tank, such as a 125g tank to replace this thank as it's giving you more problems and stress.

    Also you don't have to carry bucket after bucket of water during each change. If you get your tank all together you will want to buy a pond pump to help drain the tank and refill the tank as well.
  6. hasknightValued MemberMember

    I cannot get a new tank as i saved for 4 months to get this stand. I cant just sell it off now considering id be loosing money like this. I think ill invite an actual tank maker than a glass-works man. I did consider using a power head to move water but it would take too long to empty the tank and the water was flooding my room. Maybe a bigger motor would be good.
    The stand came with foam on the surface. Im going to remove the pre existing foam and add my own as the on it is pretty thin.

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