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    I got a ~25 gallon aquarium from a friend who was moving out of country.

    The problem is, I moved to Germany (when he moved to England) so I can't understand half of the equipment he has.

    Mainly, the canister filter. I've never used one; I've only ever had a 10 gallon aquarium and always used HOB filters. So can someone help me understand how to best set this up, preferably with materials I already have?

    The filter is a JBL CristalProfi 250. It came with (what I'm assuming to be) bio balls layered in the very bottom (NOT in a tray), one tray with three layers of relatively porous nylon-feeling sponge, one tray full of ceramic media pellets, and one tray with two layers of the relatively porous sponges, one layer of a heavier less-porous sponge, and a thin piece of some sort of foam (kind of LOOKS like wool, though I'm assuming it's not?)

    Like I said... I am a complete noob to these filters and I can't find a manual for this thing anywhere (and most info on it in general is in German, which I do not speak).

    Any input is appreciated.

    I also have something else that I just don't know what it is. It's just labeled Eheim and it seemingly goes on or in the aquarium itself (as it has suction cups and looks like it has purple algae on a part of it, that looks like it attaches to some small hose, based on the size of a hole it has). Any thoughts on this?

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Here are some photos.

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    The Eheim is an Eheim Pick Up internal filter, not sure what size it is, they do a range of them.
    Edit: looks like the 2010 size up to 160 litres
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    Would I need to use both the pickup and the can filters?
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    Not in a 25 gallon, the external would be better probably.
    Hang on for someone who knows about the other one.