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    As mentioned I'm pretty much a complete newbie when it comes to aquariums, but I'm very interested in the DIY aspect, as well as aquascaping. Im looking for any and all advice from experienced hobbyists. First, I had a pretty big challenge finding glass that is in my budget. I'm looking specially and creating a rimless tank because I find them more aesthetically pleasing. Originally, I planned to put it on a bookshelf, but after calculating the finished weight, I think I'll have to buy or make a stand. Anyway, the dimensions I'm planning around are:

    Tank Height = 14"
    Tank Width = 14"
    Tank Length = 30 "
    Glass Thickness = 1/4"
    Approximate Gallons = 25.54

    I'm thinking of using this for my glass:

    I will have to cut the pieces-- any thoughts on that? $133 is a bit steep but its free shipping, and from what I've seen, shipping for glass is VERY high. I would love to hear any options for sourcing glass. I saw a Youtube video from the King of DIY in which he cuts an old window to size, but so far I could not find and 1/4 windows to buy. Also, I don't really like the look of the brace, so would it be ok to not include any bracing on a tank with these specs? Using the Aquarium Glass Thickness Calculator shows me a safety rating of 4, if I did it correctly. That should be fine, right? Really happy to hear any thoughts on this. Also, I have no idea how to do the bottom, do I need to order a custom piece of glass? Can I cut corners here? Should it be annealed glass or tempered?

    Thanks for your attention/help!
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    I will abandon this plan in favor of a 20L from petco ($ per gallon sale). This descision was the result of forum feedback. Thanks.