Complete Lowtech Package Including Free Dry Fertilizers And Root Tabs Want To Sell

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    Hi FishLore,

    I have some lowtech packages that might interest you. These plants are easy to grow, and I've had sucess growing every specie listed below in a lowtech tank. To ensure that you have maximal success with my plants, I include a fertilization and planting guide for all the fertilizers that I provide and the plants I own. The guide gives info on a fertilizer schedule and dosing info, as well as planting, placement, and propagating the plants I own. I also include free fertilizers to help you feed your plants the best nutrition.

    This package is $72 and includes:

    15 Dwarf Sag (Adult specimens)
    Golfball Hydrocotyle Japan
    Golfball Pearlweed

    5 Bacopa Monnieri
    5 Creeping Jenny
    8 Ludwigia Super Red
    1 Java Fern

    5 Ludwigia Ovalis
    2 Stalks Hornwort
    10 Ludwigia Repens
    10 Rotala Rotundifolia "H'ra"

    Free Fertilizers
    Root Tabs
    Dry Fertilizer Sampler Pack

    All plants were grown completely submersed and are algae free.

    Picture is of half of my 12 foot long 220 gallon tank. The other half is currently a work in progress.

    EDIT: I can add two stems of hygropihla pinnatifida for an extra $5 if interested. This plant can be grown lowtech, but it really is suited for more advanced aquarists if attempting to do this plant lowtech.
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