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Discussion in 'Corydoras' started by ravenxcore, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. ravenxcoreWell Known MemberMember

    Once my tank is finally settled (see last post) I'm planning on getting a few different catfish and I'm wondering if anybody has any experience with mixing these...

    I currently have 12 cory's (1 neon laser, 4 agassiz, 4 albino, 2 adolfoi and 1 emerald) (I had larger groups of each but since my tank "malfunction" I've lost a few, I do plan on upping the groups to 5 agassiz, 4 adolfoi, 2 neon's and 2 emeralds) (My emeralds and lasers have always schooled together)

    I have a 40g breeder tank, minorly planted, a ton of hiding places, and I'm considering getting the following (in about a month or so) (Filtration = 525 GHP)

    2 - 3 Pictus Catfish
    4 - 5 upside down catfish

    I know that Pictus will eat anything that will fit in it's mouth, but I don't have any cory's smaller than 1.25" right now. My smallest is two albino's, one about 1.25" and another just a bit bigger. Everybody else is 1.75 - 2.75" and growing.

    Will upside down catfish and Pictus fight?
    Would the Pictus still try to eat my Cory's at there current size?
    Am I over stocking my tank?
    Lastly, is three air stone's (two pumps) sufficient for the bottom stock, or should I add more?

    Here would be the full stock
    16 - 18 cory's
    2 - 3 Pictus
    4 - 5 upside down catfish.
  2. ravenxcoreWell Known MemberMember

    Also thinking about upgrading my 2nd filter before adding these fish. I have a Marineland penguin 350B and Tetra whisper EX45. Thinking I'm going to keep the EX45 as an emergency filter and get a Marineland Multi Stage 360 rated for 100 gallons, giving me 710 GHP.
  3. CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    The upside down catfish will be ok with corys but I wouldn't risk the pictus as once it grows you may find the corys disappearing.
    The corys should be kept in groups of 6+ of their own kind you'll see more natural behaviour that way & the fish will feel more secure.
    The laser may interbreed with the albinos as it hasn't any of its own kind & even if you get another it may still happen which isn't a good idea.
    Emeralds aren't actually corys, they're brochis Splendens a sub species
  4. ravenxcoreWell Known MemberMember

    I've been keeping them in groups of 4 - 5 (before my tank malfunction) and noticed they are very active this way. I know a lot of people say groups of 6 or more, but I believe they are quite happy as of now. I think you are correct with the pictus though, so I might tank that stocking space and upgrade my cory groups. Also all my albino's are female (one is still juvinile so I'm not 100% yet) but the other three are def female, as if my laser, so I'm not worried about cross breeding just yet. Guess I'll find out lol

    Thank you for the advice. Considering also a few African Dwarf Frogs since they don't seem to take a lot of stocking space, any recomendations on these?
  5. ravenxcoreWell Known MemberMember

    also I suspect my last emerald is actually a neon green laser. I can't tell though because he's usually at the very bottom of my huge cory snuggle pile lol.
  6. ravenxcoreWell Known MemberMember

    I've been reading up on this a bit and I see that the large spotted catfish will only reach a MAX size of 6-7" but will more likely stay around 4-5" and the small spot catfish is the one that can reach up to 9". So I might still consider getting a max of 2 of these fish. Also if I get a juvi who would be 2 - 3" my cory's will have time to grow and reach there full size before the Pictus becomes large enough to be a problem for them. Haven't ruled anything out yet!!

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