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Ok so I'll start by saying I know my proposed set up is not an ideal situation but I hate returning fish I've owned for a while to the store so here it is, I added a royal pleco to my 180 with 3 juvenile green texas cichlids, 2 jacks, I oscar, and......a pretty tough CAE. the problem as you probably guessed is the CAE. everything is fine until the royal tries to go after some zucchini. I put 2 chunks in and the CAE vigorously protects both of them. I'm thinking of swapping some fish in my tanks. I would like to move my CAE to my 55 and move my young blue phantom pleco, red tailed shark, and maybe....wait for large mean gold angelfish to the 180. I know....angel fish with "real cichlids"...not a great idea. No fish are big enough to eat one another yet. Yet being the operative word. Obviously I'm concerned about the angel getting beat to death and the red tail and blue phantom getting swallowed at some point. I'll say though that my cichlids have been pretty docile thus far and my angel is about the size of my hand and he's pretty mean! This would leave my 55 planted tank pretty much empty with the CAE as the only bottom feeder. He would remain the only bottom feeder. Gonna be restocking that soon. I would leave the angel in with the CAE as he has never "kissed" another fish yet but that could change. Thoughts? Again I realize this is not the perfect situation. Thanks.

If you don't have a strong emotional connection to the CAE and simply don't want to give it back to a store you can try to sell it on here to another hobbyist. Or possibly give it to a friend?
I kinda like the guy even though he's s pain. I sort of rescued him from petsmart. They had him in one of those horrific black light tanks with about a million glow in the dark tetras. I guess any fish you get from petsmart is kind of a resuce but anyways. He'd be fine in the 55 even with the angel as long as watch closely for certain behavior. However, he used to be with red tail and would beat him up constantly so that's why the red tail will have to move. And clearly he wouldn't work with my blue phantom since the royal isn't working. Sadly I have no friends into the hobby despite my best efforts at getting some of them intersted

Just be sure to watch the angel and him it would be a shame for that angel to get beat up badly or killed.

Definitely will. I actually just read something that said sometimes aggressive angels will actually harass and beat up other cichlids. Never heard that before!

Ha! Yes I know but there temperament and supposedly delicate nature makes me think if them differently. We'll see how it goes. Gonna monitor closely. Now I'm gonna have to restock the 55 planted. Hmm........


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