40 Gallon Tank Compatibility Question

I have a 40g breeder right now and I was wondering if I'd be able to add a male betta to the current stock (not a Betta splendens) and if yes, what kind would be most compatible (Betta imbellis, Betta smaragdina, ect.)? I probably won't be adding it yet since I'm moving in December but I want to know if it's even probable.

Fish and Invertebrates:
x Cherry Barbs
11 x Mystery snails
Controlled hatchings of Mystery snails every 4-6 months
(under 200 at a time, being sold around .3" in size, kept in a breeder box until they are no longer bite size)

Floaters (contained for the most part with some air tubing)-
-Giant Duck Weed
-Amazon Frogbit
-Water Spangles
-Dwarf Water Lettuce

2 x Small Java Ferns
7 x Amazon Swords (currently in their melt fazes, hoping they grow back well)
5-10 Stems x Money wort (not growing much but not melting)
10-20 Stems x Pogostemon Stellatus - Octopus (melted a bit, growing well now)
10-20 Stems x Water Wisteria (seems to have some new growth)
3-5 Stems x Water Sprite (not doing well, my Mystery's like to eat the leaves since they're soft and uprooted the majority of the stems)
Guppy Grass (unplanted and growing well)

Right now all the plants that need substrate are organized in glass candle holders but when I move in December I'll just be using plant substrate in the bottom instead of sand since I decided against cory's, so then the set up will be more natural.
Every betta has his/her own personality so u always need a backup plan
if yes then u can keep any type of betta fish with them

but I would personally suggest crescent bettas they are generally known as "the peaceful betta"

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