Compartmentalized Tank And Lack Of Circulation


I am new to fish keeping, I am actually an unintentional fish mom. I recently came into possession of a Aqua One Betta Trio after the previous owners decided they could no longer provide proper care for the 3 betta's living inside of it. After a good cleaning and getting the tank back on a healthy cycle (it was quite neglected before with terrible ammonia and algae problems) I have decided I do like the tank enough to keep it. I am not interested in purchasing a different tank at this time.

The only real issue I can see with this tank is the general lack of water flow throughout the tank. The compartment on the right hand side gets much more circulation ( this is the only outflow area, I have a teeny, very active female in there who seems ok) than the middle or left compartments.

I am curious what suggestions might be given as to how to increase the flow of water in the other two compartments. This tank came with a submersible water pump. I am open to purchasing a different pump but would prefer to stick with the submersible versions as I like minimal objects/clutter outside the tank. I know the airline tubing would probably work as a hack to push the water into the different compartments but I am unsure of how to attach the lines to the water pump. Also I am unsure if the tubing should just hang down into the compartment or if there is a gentle aerator that can be added that helps with circulation but won't disturb the bettas. I understand what airstones are but because this tank only provides about 2.5g per betta I worry that they will cause too much agitation for each compartment.

I do plan on redoing the tank asap to be a low-light planted tank, just fyi. Perhaps I am worrying to much about the water flow?

Sorry if this is really obvious but I have been puzzling over as to what to do for the last couple of days...


I would try an air pump. Just one in the opposite side of where the other flow is coming from. A low flow one would be best. They also help with water quality.


If I understand how this tank works (couldn't tell 100% from the online photos but I'm reasonably certain I'm right), the water will flow from the compartment with the return, into the center compartment, and finally into the compartment on the other end where the intake is. All the compartments must get the same water flow, though this does not mean they get the same water movement within the compartment.

If you want more movement within the compartment I'd just put in a small air stone, though I don't think those are generally recommended for bettas.

Another thought would be to put some kind of deflector by the slots in the middle and return compartments that would direct the flow of water downward. As it stands the water will flow across the top but you probably won't get a lot of water movement further down. A deflector would stir the water up a bit more. Not sure how you'd do this and keep it looking good.

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