Comparing Organic Soil To Organic Potting Mix

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Hello, so I am new to the Aquarist hobby. For a few months ive had a 20 gallon tank, well two ten gallons really, and fell in love with this hobby. In one tank i have two juli cories, a male platu female platy and a few albino glow light tetras. In my other tank i have neons and one male swordtail. I love planted tanks. I love the hobny so much i ended up deciding to get a bigger tank and wanted to buy loach species with redtail sharks and maybe rainbows as well .Ive done a ton of research on what plants, carpets medium talls and what size tank as i bought a 65 gallon . My question is, i would really love to use an organic soil with a 3 to 4" layer of tahitian moon sand in my planted tank and wanted to know if anyone had ever used big rootz soil? Or is that too harsh of a soil? If it is i am just going to buy epsoma organic potting mix as ive read GREAT reviews on it for plant growth. I have done my homework so hopefully i posted this question on the correct category. And no i haven't bought the loach or sharks yet as i know the tanks i have are way too small . THANKS for your help

I also wanted to add that when i was doing all my research i followed a lot of these forums before creating this account. Everyone on here is really helpful from what I've read and though everyone was comparing Flourite black, flourite gravel, ecocomplete with organic soil such as miracle gro, i didn't see anyone compare to big rootz. I am leaning towards getting it to try it out .

I have read up on different soils to use under tahitian moon sand and was wondering of anyone has ever heard of big rootz soil as i researched a few ingredients in there. Do you think it would be safe for me to use? They use organic amendments and ots their own blend. It is potting soil. Thanks for your help in advanced .
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