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    Cichlid#1 New Member Member

    Ok my question is this;  I have 2 55 gal aquariums and in 1 I have a red-tailed black shark, a albino rainbow shark, 2 upside down catfish species, not sure exactly which species they look like Syndotis nigriventris but they are darker and have a prominent leopard pattern  all over unlike the broken pattern of nigriventris but bodyshape is identical and they really only swim upside down when in caves where they are almost always upside down moving or just resting, I also have two what I believe are Zamora cats they look identical to them with the black spot behind the gills and black outline on the dorsal, and anal fins and same body color the only thing is they dont have the characteristic shimmery spangles and bright spots on their sides? but getting back to the main question I also have seven half inch to 1 1/2in tiger barbs and was wondering if I could include some serpae tetras in this set up? I've had serpae's in with red tail sharks before but not the others especially the barbs whom they are similar to in the habit of being nippers if not in a descent number or school. I have not read or heard of these two species (tiger barbs and serpae being kept together) If u could help with the catfish questions I'd appreciate that too! I also would appreciate if you could suggest some other fish compatible with this setup.
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    fletch Valued Member Member

    Al I can say from experience and my mates experience is that all tetras are compatable with anything no large enough to eat them. even then they may have some trouble being caught. For some reason they just dont get bothered. Ive had some realy agressive fish in my tank that have attacked all the other fish except the tetras. Its up to you. try it and see. Could you send a pic of your fish so we could see. It may be easier to be able to view the colour patterns for ourselves
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    The tigers and serpaes should be fine--both can be semi-aggressive and will be able to take care of themselves. Make sure to get a shoal of at least 6 serpaes so they don't feel insecure. Just be very careful about what else you put in there--both kinds of fish are fin-nippers and anything with long fins will be shredded to peices!
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    A good place to try and identify any catfish is Once you identify your catfish, let us know! ;)