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  1. Sailingsprout Initiate Member

    So. I'd like to preface this with the fact that everyone I have or have access to are currently tiny, and that I'm aware that some of the fish will be big, I'm fully aware that some will need more room, I'm fully prepared to do that for them before it becomes a happiness or quality of life'd be awesome if reaming me for the large stock dreams could be held back a little...

    I'm wanting to figure out who of these fish would enjoy growing up together and if I'd have any temperament problems sitting and waiting for their "teenage years" any thoughts or experiences about commingling these breeds would be appreciated, as would how many of each type you'd get, how you'd split them etc...

    Yoyo loaches
    Spot barbs
    Bolivian ram
    Silver dollar
    Honey gourami
    Pearl gourami
    Br parrot
    Clown pleco

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Boeing250 Well Known Member Member

    Well,to start,I will need to know the size of the tank and then I can say for sure what will work together and be happy.And,I promise I will not chew you out.
  3. Mike Fishlore Admin Moderator Member

    Merged threads. Please only create one thread for a topic. Leads to confusion otherwise.
  4. Sailingsprout Initiate Member

    I've got a 55 and a 20. I'm expecting within the year I'll also have a 33 :) thank you!

    And I'll delete the other post.

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  5. Sailingsprout Initiate Member

    Oh, you merged. Thank you! I'm sorry!

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  6. hollie1505 Well Known Member Member

    Do you currently have any fish in the tank? How big is the tank you are wanting to stock? Is it cycled? Thanks.x
  7. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    I can identify with what your saying but... I have had the same situation over the years 'cause I've been know to push the limits many times in what I keep and in what. I'll say that with a great deal of RESEARCH and RESPONSIBILITY my plans usually worked out :). I was hit on the muzzle many times for keeping discus & angels, dwarf SW angels and other fish together. I've also had smaller tanks (than I do now) to grow certain fish out till I got the larger tank. Doing this is a bit unconventional so it's going to raise the eyebrow of many (in most cases for good reason) but keep posting about it so you can attract the answers and share the information to help others do the same successfully. I look forward to hearing how these plans work out :). ttyl
  8. Sailingsprout Initiate Member

    Both tanks are cycled, the current stocks for both are:

    Honey gourami
    Pearl gourami
    Bp cichlid
    Silver dollar
    2 yoyo
    3 spot barbs
    2 geophagus
    2 curviceps
    2 rams

    3 tiger barbs
    3 diamond tetra
    3 cherry barb
    Some fancy pleco who doesn't get bigger that 3"

    Until last night the rams were also in the 20, but we had to move folks around last night because of a fish that needed separated late night (we had no other options, and he ended up jumping out of a closed tank while we slept?!?!!) and the curviceps seems much happier with the rams in the bigger tank.

    Other than the incident last night, everyone is peaceful and happy. I just want to make sure that no one could be happier...
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  9. Sailingsprout Initiate Member

    Not true, one of my rams is a brat. But not a nippy brat, just a "yo, get out of my space" kind of brat.

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  10. Sailingsprout Initiate Member

    Well, for the moment, everyone seems very happy. The bullyish ram isn't even bullying. The other ram is super shy, and one of the curviceps is very black and very yellow... No one is fighting, some are hanging out with each other for large chunks of the day... Still happy to get thoughts, but thought I would update you :)

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