Community tank has ich. I know how to treat it, but not sure if I can use the m

  1. TripleChrome Initiate Member

    I went over to my sixty gallon community tank this morning with a female betta, gold twinbar platy, Bristlenose Pleco, female swordtail and two zebra danios. I was going to buy more zebra danios today, but seen that the regular coloured Zebra Danio has white spots on him. One on his head and one on his fin. So I decided that I would not get anymore Danios so not to transmit anymore ich. I am still stocking the tank probably if it is not overstocked yet. He is too fast to take pictures of to show you guys.

    My female betta in there who used to be in a five gallon, then ten, then twenty and now a sixty over the past almost seven months, previously had ich when she was in the five gallon two weeks after I got her. I used API Super Ick Cure when the heating the tank up gradually did not work even after two weeks of keeping it heated. That cleared it up. I am not worried about treating her and the other fish with it, but I am worried about treating the pleco with it.

    It says for scaleless fish to treat at half the normal dose since they are sensitive to this medicine. I know if I can treat them with this I will have to buy another bottle of the medicine to have enough to clear the ich up. I have heard that plecos are scaleless, so should I treat at half the dose to clear he ich? Or should I go and try the heating the tank up again and hope that it works this time with heating the tank up gradually?

    Sorry if I sound too confusing in this. I am trying to be clear but it is not coming out clear. If it is confusing to you, just tell me and I will try to clear it up again.
  2. TripleChrome Initiate Member

    Well, the title didn't fully go on there. The end is supposed to say medicine with the pleco.

  3. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Welcome to the forum :)

    It's not recommended to use both the heat method and meds as they cause more stress to the fish than they are already experiencing. I've never used API Super Ick Cure but have used just the heat method successfully. Did you raise it to 86F for 2 weeks when you used the heat method with your betta? I would use the heat method on the tank first before resorting to meds.

    Also, while your tank is not overstocked you do have fish with different temp requirements as the danios need it under 75F and your betta needs it at 78F min. I would move the betta into his own tank after you are done treating the ich. You could then add more fish to your 60g and not have to worry about them getting along with your betta and/or having similar temp requirements.
  4. TripleChrome Initiate Member

    When I treated the betta before I had heat on for two weeks at 86 before medicine. I think I am just going to go with that this time again. At least then I won't have to spend any money on medicine, as at the pet stores around me sell it from $10 and even more. I have a five gallon cycling right now (the same as the first time she came to me) for the female betta, because my older sister wants to add different fish instead of having a betta in with them(we share the tank, but I take care of it all the time). I have started the temperature raising. I heard gradually, so right now I have raised it to 78(it has been at about 76 because of the air-conditioning in the house from the 100 degree heat and my room has an extra window AC.). So, tomorrow I'll raise it more and continue each day or so not to stress them out from a sudden heat change and leave it for two weeks. This should be easier, as I would not want to do a full change before medicine and then a full change again after a few days. For some reason, my fish always get ich from Petco (probably shouldn't have bought the swordtail and platy there then) even when they show no signs of it there.

  5. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Increasing it 1-2 degrees each hour should be fine. Faster you speed up the ich cycle, the better. I still would not add meds with the heat method. If you're going with meds again, I would leave the temp alone.

    See if the website for the API ich cure says anything about plecs.
  6. TripleChrome Initiate Member


    Heat has worked for the pleco, Female Betta and Albino Zebra Danio. Female Platy has gotten worse, not sure if she will be around much longer. She is coated with the ich, not sure if the ich wants to die. Tank is at 86° right now. Female swordtail passed away yesterday morning. Traded her for a Blue Wag Platy that went into my 100 gallon community tank (yes, I have a sixty and a one hundred). Regular colored Zebra Danio died this morning.

    Another question. When I found the zebra Danio dead this morning, he was gutted. His stomach. Looks as if someone was eating him. I found thee female betta all fattened up. I guess she was eating him. Got the zebra Danio out and got rid of him. Should I do anything for the female betta like fasting her? And is there anything I can do for the female Platy at this point? I think it is way too late to quarantine her and treat her with medicine.
  7. el337 Fishlore Legend Member

    Some of the fish will look worse before they get better so I suggest sticking with the heat for the remainder of the 2 wk treatment. Unfortunately not all fish may make it.

    I wouldn't isolate the platy. You could fast the betta if she looks bloated.

  8. TripleChrome Initiate Member

    The platy did end up passing around a half hour ago. I am going to keep with the heat treatment with the others, though just in case there is still ich.