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Any opinions on this stock? compatibilities? Personal experiences? Everything is running smoothly for close to a year now but when I run through the stocking it sounds like more than it looks like. It doesn’t not seem too crowded IMO. The Tank is a 55 gallon long, is planted with large amazon sword, foxtails, a small Anubius, some java fern, a big apongeton some water sprite, and duckweed. I keep the tank at 78-79 degrees. I recently up’d my water change to 20 gallons a week, and the pet store said my ph was a 7 but idk how accurate he was being. Idk let me know what you think!
1 mystery snail
1 bamboo shrimp
1 upside down catfish
1 dwarf crayfish
1 otocinclus
1 whiptail catfish
2 kuhlil loaches
2 silver hatchet fish
2 German blue rams m/f
2 pea puffers m/f
6 cherry shrimp 3m/3f
2-3 ghost shrimp
3 guppies 1m/2f
3 White Cloud Mountain minnows
4 dwarf frogs (mated pair and offspring)
4 ghost catfish
6 corydoras (2 spotted/ 4 bronze m/f and offspring)
5 neon tetras
6 ember tetras
A lot of rams horn. And the some trumpet snails
I think I need more kuhlI loaches, more Hatchet fish, and maybe some more ghost catfish. Maybe 1 more spotted corydora.
I bought the White Cloud Mountain Minnows about 7 months ago on a whI'm because they were like 50 cents. I’ve since come to learn that they appreciate cooler than tropical temperatures. Despite this though they have done quite well and even “thrived”, or at least they eat a lot and I see them displaying and chasing each other once in a while. I have recently put the white clouds In a 10 gallon with a small goldfish and some baby guppies but should I have left them because it seemed to be working?
Also would have been thinking of adding a dwarf gouramI or two. I would also be interested in freshwater Pom Pom crabs and /or spider crabs. Especially if/when I upgrade to a larger tank size.
Any info appreciated ! I can also answer any questions based on my experiences. Thanks! Go fish!

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Lol welcome to fishlore . Where to start . Ok pea puffers should be in a tank by themselves. They will eat your shrimp and snails. The upside down cat will get big. Maybe 8”. Yes the loaches need more but that tank is overfill!!! Hey you have to stop buying fish every time you go into the store lol. Your going to have 10 tanks by the end of the year.


1.The crayfish will tear up any live plants you put in the tank. Along with eating any small fish it can catch.
2. What kind of upside down catfish? There are a few kinds, most would prefer to have a friend. Most would also eat the Kuhlis, which you would have to up the school if you chose them instead.
3. Pea puffers will either be eaten by the bigger fish or kill everyone else. Puffers should be in a tank by themselves.


I suggest you research the fish you listed to verify their minimum school size and tank temperatures. You have some inadequate groups and incompatibilities. As already mentioned, aggression levels should be a primary consideration while planning a community tank.

Minimum tank size is also important. (Thinking about your goldfish in a 10g.)

When planning, I make a list (spreadsheet) of the fish I'm interested in along with their key characteristics: aggression level, temp and other water parameter requirements, minimum school size, swimming level, etc. Then I eliminate those that don't fit with the others. Then I play with possible stocking combinations on AQAdvisor.
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While I have made impulse purchases (the white clouds) I like to think I do a lot of research before most of my purchases. There is nothing in the tank even remotely close to big enough to eat the puffers, and they do eat the snails, but they are over populated, and serve as a renewing food resource which also help keep my tank clean if algae and other stuff. And the 6 shrimp were hatched and grown in this aquarium setup, also I’m not worried if some fry get eaten. The puffers keep the aggression between themselves but the tank is large and planted enough that they (the female) can get away from one another. I haven’t seen any nipped fins yet coming up on 4 months with the puffers. The upside down catfish is a synodontis nigriventris which max out at around 4 inches which I suppose is kind of large but doesn’t seem large enough to eat a KuhlI loach but I would remove it if I thought that became a possibility. The crayfish doesn’t touch the plants that I’ve noticed (mind you it’s a Mexican dwarf crayfish) and when I first got it was completely docile and since has turned into a bit of a jerk and damaged one of my smaller frogs foot, otherwise that’s all he’s done ‍♂. The plants in my tank were much denser a month or two ago before hair algae drowned out my thick foxtails and water sprite. Other than that aggression I just mentioned I don’t really see any other incompatibilities as far as water parameters, the temp is fine and 7 ph is pretty good for just about anything. I think my rams will spawn, my dwarf frogs have bred, my bronze Cory’s have bred,(as have my guppies and cherry shrimp) and I believe my spotted/ false julI would as well if I had a pair and not two of the same sex. So I don’t think their school size really has much of an effect on their well being. And the Khulis were the last two in the tank at the store and I haven’t found any for sale since, but they seem to be doing very well, very active and often together. The same thing goes for my hatchet fish only I had more of them they just like to jump out of their tank! I had to cover the hole by the filter but I think I will get more if them. The goldfish was bought on a whI'm for 14 cents cuz I thought maybe he could eat some algae out of my aquarium for a few days. But he didn’t and I think I’m going to put him into my friends backyard pond, and I also think that the planted 10 gallon he is in is much better/cleaner than the feeder bin! And like I said, I think that when you read the stocking list it sounds a lot heavier than it looks. My water is clean, and the tank doesn’t seem overcrowded at all, especially when I compare it to tanks I see on YouTube. But I did ask for all of your opinions so thanks! Heres a pic of the tank so you can see how empty it looks ( also imagine denser plants cuz it will be once I take care of this stupid hair algae!) And the goal is to transfer everything over to a 75- 100 gallon eventually so I can buff up the school size for a few of the inhabitants JenC Bry 86 ssinit


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Nice tank. For the algae you may want to try apI co2 booster or seachem excel. Both are good for removing algae. Also try putting your lights on a on off on cycle. 4hrs on 4 off 4 on again. Plants grow but algae doesn’t. How often do you do water changes and how much?
Pea puffers are known to attack fish. If you look them up them are recommended to be by themselves. How old is the tank? The crayfish is opportunistic if it catches a fish sleeping it will eat it. The frog is proof. Crabs will do the same. Enjoy!
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Was doing 15 gallon weekly water changes but recently increased it to 20 gallons weekly. The tank is coming up in a year of running smoothly, I had several of the fish in a smaller tank before the 55 gallon and the rest were purchased over a few months, with the newest inhabitants being the female German ram and ember tetras, which I purchased about two months ago. And I just started dosing apI CO2 booster a couple days ago so fingers crossed, hoping for results soon. Agreed the crayfish is a jerk but no deaths yet :/ I guess I will just keep an eye on everything because The puffers seem to be doing great in the setup, they forage all day for snails to eat, and I haven’t seen any nipped fins yet. And Although I don’t really plan on adding any more new species (even tough I think I could get away with it) to this set up I was lead to believe that these crabs, both the Pom Pom and the spider crabs were algae eaters!? And that 4 on 4 off cycle is interesting I may try that, I have to purchase a timer. I’ve read that making day and night length more consistent may help. Thanks!
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