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150g or 150g AND 65g

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Hello! I have a question about homing options for my three fish. In my 55 gallon, I have a common Pleco, Parrot Cichlid, and a common goldfish. The pleco and the cichlid are about two years old and the goldfish is around 6 months. I originally bought the goldfish as live food for my cichlid, thinking it would be fun for him to have live food, but instead the cichlid and goldfish became best friends. They eat together, swim together, everything. I have them in the 55 gallon as a temporary tank. I didn't know as much a year ago and I now know the proper size for a pleco, I think, reguardless I plan on purchasing new tanks either this Fall or early spring next year.

I know that a Common Pleco should have at least 150 gallons, and from what I understand, it's so they have room to turn around. My question is, Can my parrot cichlid and goldfish live in a 150 gallon with my pleco? I would like to have it where all three could be in the same tank together, but if it need be I have thought about also purchasing a 65g for the cichlid and ggoldfish. It would be easier if all three could live together, as they all seem quite fond of one another


HI Dallas,
What a nice story, its funny they turned out to be friends and keeping them together is nice too. As for the 150 gallon tank, that size seems quiet extreme to me, but I am no expert about pleco fish. Someone else here will know all the right things to say about that. Welcome to the site and good luck with everything


A 150 should house all 3 with no problem. Probably could add another fish or 2.


Sounds good to me.
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Wow, thank you everybody for the responses

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