Common Ocellaris


Hey everyone,
anyone have any ideas as to what to get these little guys to eat? My watchman goby loves Marine depot garlic soaked frozen brine shrimp but my clowns will not touch it, nor will they touch the Cobalt mysis shrimp flakes.

Thanks for your input.
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I haven't kept Ocellaris, but I did keep Perculas, a very close relative.
Mine were fed a staple of mysis shrimp (frozen-thawed) and NLS Pellets. I also fed frozen-thawed prawn meat (or fresh), mussels, spirulina algae, and a bunch of other stuff.
They never really took to live brine shrimp, nor did they really do much with garlic soaked food, or dried foods in general (save for the NLS pellets, they loved them)
I tried lots of foods over the course of time, and if they didn't eat it, no big deal, just tried something else.
One 'cheap' way to figure things out can be to go to the supermarket, and buy the marinara seafood mix, and just try a little bit of each type of meat.

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