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Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by dragonflygirl, Mar 20, 2006.

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    With good care that they hardly ever get, they can live 20 years on average, and with really good care they can live more, and some have lived like 40 years. I think 70 is the record.
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    i heard another lived for close to 200 years :eek:. they say that the goldfish was passed down a couple generations. amazing how long golfishies can live for.
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    Are you serious!!! 200 years?! :eek:
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    Lol hahahah 200 years. It was bought from the ice ages. HAHAHAHAHAH
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    I don't think that was a common goldfish. A 212 year old koi just passed away in Japan. I'm guessing (not sure though, I could be wrong) that this is what Emma heard about.

    But yes, goldfish can live a long time, and can outlive their owners if purchased later in life.
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    But this is somewhat of a different matter. These people are not only inheriting the pet, but the house and the pet's home. It's also a matter of tradition and honor. Keeping something that your family has had going for five or more generations is a huge deal in Japan.
    I agree that it would be awful to have such a thing pushed on you if you have no feelings toward the animal, but in this case, it is a fish that the son or daughter has watched play in the pond since he/she was a little kid, and probably has some strong attachment to.
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    sirdarksol is right, in japan when inheriting a pet from a loved one it's a huge honor. I saw some were in a book once that the Asian people have been keeping fish as pets longer then any one. From the other point of view if I got stuck with my grandmas annoying dog I would get ride of it A.S.A.P. god I hate that thing....yes I now horrible of me but still if you knew this dog as long as me you would agree.
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    Heh. Is it a little yip dog? I hate those things.
    Actually, except for my Grandma's yip dogs. None of her poodles has ever tried to bite me. Usually, the little ones try to take my fingers off, her poodles are just nice to me.
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    I remember reading about a 200 year old goldfish not long ago. Probably the same one.
    That bad boy must have been the god of fishes! :;nw
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    thats alot of fish food and poop. i want to know how big it was and what kind of tank it was in....
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    If we're talking about the same one, I believe that she was over a foot long, and she lived in a pond, rather than a tank. Don't know the size of the pond, though.
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    Oh does it ever yip, the wind blows and it starts to bark it's head off.