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I will soon be the proud mom of a baby rat. My duaghter's rats are both expecting within the week, and I have agreed to take two. One for myself, and one for my step-daughter. I'm planning on two females, and hoping for one solid black or gray. If none of you have ever owned a rat, let me tell you that it is a very interesting experiance. Rats are by nature very intelligent and extremely affectionate. You can only have one if you are able to devote large amounts of time to them. If you work all day, you should have two so they don't get lonely. And no, having two rats won't make them less affectionate towards you. Quite the opposite. BUT... if you have two rats and one dies, you need to get another quickly, as they do mourn the loss of their friend very seriously. My last two rats, Sheila and Gypsy, were so very close, when Sheila suffered a stroke, Gypsy would not leave her side. She even carried food to her and tried to support her crippled side so she could walk to the water bottle.
Anyway, I am looking forward to the "soon-to-come" additions, and will post pics of the little ones as they grow.


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