Coming Back Into The Hobby


Hello! After 15 years in the hobby I had to get rid of all my setups after moving 4 times in a span of two years. Now me and my fiancee have settled in a more permanent spot and it's time to get back into the hobby I love so much!

Though I have kept many species in various setups, most of my experience has been in keeping and breeding cichlids, both African and South American. Over the years I've successfully spawned angel fish, oscars, jaguar cichlids, Texas cichlids, a few central american hybrids, and several mbuna and peacock species/hybrids.

2013 was probably the last time I bought new equipment and I'm excited to put to use some of the excellent high tech equipment that has developed since then! My current plan is to stock a planted 125-150 gallon discus community set up. I am currently looking for a tank in the proper dimensions and the right price.


Hello, and welcome to fishlore, great to have you back!

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