Comet Goldfish Buoyancy Problems

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    Vamonkea New Member Member

    Hello. My young 2" (not including tail) comet is currently experiencing what I believe to be buoyancy issues. It is not as severe as him being flipped upside down and unable to get up. Instead, he is often swimming tilted at a roughly 23 degree angle, if that makes any sense. He is right now in an undersized tank (20 gallons) but his upgrade of 55 gallons is currently in the house and we are waiting for the filter.

    I suspect that it may be because he has been gulping air. I do not know why he gulps air. He does not stay at the surface for long, like a gasping fish, and we have a bubbler in his tank after I first discovered he was not getting enough oxygen. After adding the bubbler, his breathing underwater has been less strained and he is more active. I think he is getting enough oxygen, so I do not know why he gulps air. I also do not feed floating food, so I do not think he is begging either.

    Is his tilted swimming swim bladder disease, or is it not something to be worried about?
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    HI! Welcome to Fishlore! What are your water parameters? could you post a picture?
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    Vamonkea New Member Member

    Thank you for the welcome!
    Water parameters are at 0ppm for everything. I'm a bit doubtful, but I just changed the water yesterday, so I guess it might be correct. is a picture of my fish. I have a bad hand, bad timing, and a fast fish, so it is pretty blurry. ): He is not always tilted, so I try to move fast to catch it. is a short video. I thought it might work better than a blurry picture. He doesn't lean a lot in it too, though.
    I've caught him spitting out a bubble a few times, if that helps.

    Sorry about not being able to give you a lot of clear information. Thank you for your time.

    Edit: I feel some of the readings may be inaccurate so I'll recheck tomorrow.

    Edit: (7/27/16) He's in a cycled (hopefully? I'm a little suspicious of my water tests...) 55 gallon now. It's been a day since he has been in there. He still does not swim perfectly straight all the time, but it still is nothing too serious like being upside down and I think the irregularity of the angle he swims at has decreased. I think I may have just been overreacting. ): If anyone thinks otherwise though, please tell me!