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Hey all!
I have a 10 gallon and 25g freshwater live plant tanks. I would like to combine both tanks into a bigger tank... most of my fish are young still and have a fair bit of growing left to do. What would be a good tank size so I don't have to buy another down to road when they get to full size? As well as if everything will be compatible with each other..

Current fish:
25g)1 rainbow shark
1 bolivian ram ( I have ordered 2 females as well but they won't be here any time soon)
4 serpae tetra
2 kuhlI loach

10g) 6 tiger barbs
1 red tail shark ( Rehoming this one as i'm aware they're probably too aggressive and can't be in the same tank as another shark)



at least a 55 but I don't think all those fish will be compatiable with each other. wait for others to chime in


I was definitely thinking between 55 and 75. My only concern really is moving my tiger barbs as they would be the only new addition in a bigger tank. the RT shark won't be moving in lol. everything else gets along well in the 25


put the 6 barbs in a 55-75 and up the school to 10-12. keep the 25 the way it is upping the serpae (6-7 )and kulhI loach ( 8 ) schools ( not sure about the Rainbow ) then use the 10 as a QT or hospital tank


We don't have the room to keep all the tanks set up. That's why I wanted to consolidate them. We do have a 10 gallon hospital tank already


rehome both sharks get a 75 and put 20 tigers and up the schools of serps and kulhI for the 25


I also have Bolivian rams as well. I was reading that as long as there's enough room and a place for them to claim as their own, they will do fine. I also don't want to rehome my rainbow. I already have to rehome the RT shark


Def will need at least a 55g, if not more buttt those tiger barbs might not go well with your others the barb family can be aggressive.


I've kept Rainbow Sharks for years and they definitely do best in a 4-foot tank and they would definitely utilize it all. They also start becoming quite bold around 3" or so, stepping up to their reputation as a tank boss. I suspect some potential territorial disputes should those rams begin breeding. Keep in mind that Rainbow Sharks easily reach 6" and can get bigger (we had an 8" Rainbow Shark many years ago).

You might be better off doing a 75 gallon tank tbh. Especially with all the bottom dwelling fish you have and all the activity the Tiger Barbs will display. The wider footprint would make things a big easier on the bottom. I would also suggest making points of interest on either sides of the tank utilizing rocks, caves, flower pots, etc. for the Rams and the Shark to claim. However, I'm sure there will be at least some chasing to say the least in any case but it should be relatively harmless since there will be much more surface area for them.

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