Combining My 29 And 10 Gallon Into A 40 Breeder?


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So id like to cut down on the number of tanks that i am taking care of, so i would like to combine my 29 gallon which is stocked with 6 swordtails and 3 praecox rainbows, with my 10 gallon that is stocked with 10 neon tetras. i would also like to add a small school of sterbai corys, or a slightly larger school of cory habrosus. filtration is a fluval 306, with the option of adding a top fin silent stream 30, substrate is PFS, both tanks are moderately planted which all the plants and substrate would be retained and put in the 40 breeder.

Any issues with this stocking? heavier water changes obviously as its a little on the heavy side, but other than that?
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