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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by maybet, Mar 29, 2006.

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    My fishies are having problems. My betta shows signs of fin rot and my neons show signs of other body fungus. I went to my lfs to get melafix by api but they were out. They recommended maracyn instead. I followed the instructions on the package, which said to drop in one tablet, once a day for 5 days. It said that if my carbon had been in my filter for more than 6 days I could leave it in. But since I had read on here so many times to remove it, I did. Within two days my water was so cloudy I couldn't see my fish. I did a water change and put my carbon (not a new insert-the same one I had taken out) back into my filter. My water was clear again within a day. I have continued adding the tablets even thou I am on day 7, because I think the water change may have taken out too much of the medication. However, I have seen no change in my fish, actually, my neons seem to be getting worse...

    ???So here is my question...
    I called my lfs and they received a shipment of melafix and are holding me a box. How long should I wait between medications??? I have thought about adding a fresh carbon insert to remove all the existing meds and do a water change then wait a day, remove the carbon and then start the melafix....does this sound right
    ??? ???
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    forgot to mention: I have an Aquarium Pharm master test kit.... I checked my levels on Sunday and all are perfect. amonia=0
    nitrates= 20ppm
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    Go ahead and use fresh carbon to remove the remaining meds, and then you can try the melafix. If your tank cleared up after adding the used carbon back to the tank then it was probably still absorbing and absorbed all the medication including the tablets you added later. Cloudy water is normal when using this medication. I have also read that when using maracyn I and II (I don't know which one you were using), that you need to keep the tank as dark as possible by leaving off tank lights, etc. A friend of mine that breeds angels has said that if you use melafix, also use the pimafix with the melafix for best results.
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    Yeah I'm kinda a science geek and this is being Really picky, but technically the carbon does not aBsorb medications, it aDsorbs it. Adsorb means it catches it on it's surface, versus soaking it up inside.
    ;D ::)
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    heehee, you and me both (science geeks)
    Instead of swearing, I just mutter random scientific names :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    I love science, just I prefer learning cool stuff on my own than boring stuff in a class.
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    Hey, good one, Emma! When I get really mad or frustrated, I just recite the periodic table. I memorized the first 10 elements just for that purpose. :D ;D :D ;D
    I was fortunate to get an excellent science teacher this year and the stuff we do is really cool. But with a lot of classes I totally agree with you. It might be cool to play around with on my own at home but the class is so boring, and oh my the homework... And of course I got classified as "smart" so I got stuck in the advanced classes, which some of them are very good but most just mean extra busywork to do at home :mad: