From my understanding, columnaris will kill a fish within 24-48 hours and it’s quite strange how I have a fish that has similar attributes to what appears to be columnaris but..I haven’t been able to quarantine it because of time and life and it’s been 2-3 weeks. The tank gets weekly water changes and the nitrates haven’t been above 40ppm and the ammonia/nitrite are 0 and the pH is about 7.4. The temp is the only unbalanced thing between 75-80 with the weather we are getting

Is it possible it isn’t columnaris and just something else? No other fish is showing signs of stress.

Im all paranoid about products im using as I use the same buckets to REPLACE the water (I use different buckets to remove water and different hoses so I strictly just use the same buckets to replace the water and I drain one of the tanks in the same tub and wash my hands in the sink that I just heavily washed my hands in many times) that I do for all of my tanks so im actually going through the process of a hot water/distilled white vinegar solution in my tub, sink, buckets I’ve used, anything I’ve come in contact with since cleaning the filter of this tank an hour and a half ago to ensure that it doesn’t get into my other tanks. I’ve washed my hands and arms with soap and water about 20 times too

These picture were from June 3. It hasn’t gotten worse but it hasn’t gotten better


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Columnaris bacteria are always present and live naturally on the fish skin and on other surfaces in all freshwater systems. They do not usually cause damage unless the fish's immune system fails to stop it attacking and feeding on living parts of the fish (usually skin, fins, gills and muscles).

Whether you can see it with the naked eye depends on how numerous it is and how much damage it has done to the fish.

There are different strains, with the most virulent strains coming from fish farms. Many factors influence the speed and extent of it's effect on our fish.

Things that may allow Columnaris to escape the immune system's control include various types of stress mainly involving water quality but also including transportation from origin to retailer to home aquarium, aclimatisation to a new environment, bullying by tankmates, unsuitable environment etc.

Given good water quality and other factors I would feel confident that what I see on your Catfish would improve and disappear over time without medication.
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