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  1. Whitewolf

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    Pure kanamycin sulfate is dosed at 1/2 teaspoon per ten gallons, I cant imagine why kanaplex (32-36% pure) (which is only about 1/3 as potent as pure kanamycin 100% powder) has these tiny scoops, they are not even 1/8 a teaspoon size scoops, I'm confused.....
    I do not like seachrem, they are a over priced rip off company...
  2. JLeeM

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    I'm battling this disease now. Lost 3 corys and my beloved betta.

    When quarantining new fish to prevent this, can you do the salt treatment on them for 1-2 weeks and then add them to the main tank?

    Also don't understand why it says 1 teaspoon per actual gallon, and 15 teaspoons or 5 tablespoons for 5 gallons out with water change. How do I determine how many actual gallons of water are in a tank already set up being as I just put water until it's full?
  3. KimberlyG

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    Turn you filter off, put tape at your water line. Remove tank water in a measured pitcher. See how many gallons it takes to lower the level 2". Measure the height of your tank from the top of the gravel to the tape line then do the math. Plants and aquarium decor to not displace that much water. If you have rocks and large heavy driftwood that is a different story. Err on the side of caution when subtracting the gallon amounts for them.

  4. JLeeM

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    Another question about the salt treatment.

    After adding the third round of salt 24 hours in, how long do you let it stay before beginning to take salt out with water changes? About how many water changes does it take to remove salt from a 20 gallon long tank?

    Also, once again, can I use this treatment on new quarantined fish before putting them in the tank to hopefully prevent this ever happening again? If so, for how long should they be quarantined and salted?
  5. JLeeM

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    I found some API Ich Treatment powder that has nitrofurazone as an active ingredient. Would this work? Should I still leave the temp lowered if it will? Can't find Kanaplex anywhere in person.
  6. Whitewolf

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    probably not
  7. JLeeM

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    Why not? Just curious.
  8. Whitewolf

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    Furan is more of an anti-microbial. It would kill the fungus, but that is only on the outside.
    The actual infection is always bacterial, and its inside the fish eating away its gills and skin. You need one of the antibiotics i mentioned.
    The best one is to just wait and order some Oxytetracycline flake from Its very broad spectrum, very dependable, works everytime if the fish is not too bad off. They use to use it, (probably still do) alot in the livestock and fish industry.
    Antibiotic Fish Flake Food
    You might want to just run out and see what you can get, but in the long run you need to order antibiotics and other meds online, because its cheaper, easier to find, and shiping is usually only a few days.
    This 3oz bag is acutally big, and will last years!!!
    It also covers most all types of bad bacteria that will kill a fish, and is safe to pack them full 3x a day of this antbiotic for up to 10 days. It will not harm your cycle as its in flake form, just take out the dag gone snails
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