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    Please help me. I am 90% sure I've been battling columnaris. So far I've lost 3 Angel fish and 2 platys. Currently i am treating with low level salt and furan 2. I did 2 days treatment, water change, and am on day two of sesecond part treatment. Tomorrow I do another 25% wc. I have some kanamycin food on the way. I still see the fuzzy algae on everything. And have cleaned it several times, sterelizing with peroxide. Should I strip the tank? A methalyne blue dip? Should I do another round of furan 2? Everyone looks healthy. No fuzz or ulcers. I'm at a loss of how to help them. Water parameters are dang near perfect. Oh and everyone is acting a little aggressive. Still eating.with the exception of flashing no noticeable issues. Thanks!
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    There is someone here who has dealt with columnaris recently, I'll bring her attention to your post and hopefully she can help.

    In the meantime, can you post your exact water test results and your tank information, including size, filter and media type, and full stocking list?
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    Hi, welcome to fishlore :;hi1

    Seems like you're on track if the deaths have stopped. If they have, I wouldn't do the methylene blue dip. I would just do the kanamycin food for ten days and after that if you're still having issues, consider a round of Maracyn II (minocycline).

    The fuzzy algae, which is actually bacteria is a weird co-existing issue, maybe because the bacteria is in the water column. It likes oxygen and tends to congregate on well oxygenated areas of the tank.

    I have periodically put in some Maracyn Oxy, trying to get rid of the remaining bits of fuzz on some of my plants. I initially took each one out and did a bleach dip on them but with some it came right back.