colour codes


Do you organise your fish?

  1. colour coded tanks (just similar colours)

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  2. similar types of fish (cichlid tanks, livebearer...)

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  3. anything that takes my fancy

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  4. I have all three

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  1. fletch Member Member

    My tank is a mix and match of anything I see that I like. It was a bad idea in the end but they all have their own individual personalities
  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I usually find a fish I wish to keep, do my research on the needs of that fish, and add to the tank surroundings compatible with that fish (including other fish).
  3. 0morrokh Fishlore VIP Member

    Same here, although someday I want to have a tetra/Amazon tank. Generally I try to pick fish I can breed, though, and then add some more to fill any empty tank levels.
  4. BettaBuddy ~ Miley Well Known Member Member

    i just do what ever. lol. Miley
  5. guppygranny Member Member

    I mostly have guppies. I'm careful what I put in with them. Guppygranny
  6. Neville Well Known Member Member

    well i like to keep all same kind of species but would like to keep a pleco in my new 75 gallon tank with angels, is it ok?
  7. wolfman21 Member Member

    SImilar types-tetras mainly, with guppies and cories also-very compatible, some chasing, but all in good fun-no fin nipping.