Color changes.


I have some serpae tetra in my tank, and when I wake up in the morning sometimes they are very light red almost pink, and other times they are dark red. I was just wondering why this happens.


Hello Quajez and Welcome to Fish Lore!

Fish will change colors according to their moods. When the lights go out the fish tend to relax and rest and the colors will fade. Sometimes fish will fade too if they become ill, some fish turn dark when they're ill.

Some fish change colors at mating time.

What you're seeing is more than likely completely natural and they're just relaxed.

I hope you enjoy the site!
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Alright thank you, I was just curious to why.


I wandered that too!!! My YoYo loach sometimes fades as well. I thought it might of been the lighting or my eyes. That's good to know. THX

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